Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No Writer Is an Island

Although today is Wednesday, yesterday was a holiday so that makes today seem like Monday so here we are together -- just as if it were angelblogmonday.

Last Monday, when it really was Monday, I wrote about the elements of a good critique group for writers. Yesterday I was reading Rachel Gifford's new book, A Gift in Wolf's Clothing: Living with Diabetes (published by AuthorHouse), and right there on the acknowledgements page, she mentioned our monthly women's writers' group. The best part is that she acknowledged, by name, the women who encouraged her in her writing: Stephanie Hughes, Marilyn O'Hearne, Betty Swisher, Sue Monaghan, Jan Davis and Jane Rogers.

Could Rachel have written the book without these helpful women? Sure. Having read her story, I believe Rachel could do just about anything she decides to do. Was the writing easier and more fun with the help of these women? According to Rachel the answer is yes.

Here are a couple of things to do to make your life easier as we enter a new year:

1. Gather around you a group of writers who will be honest and helpful as you work on your writing projects. Start a group or join a group. Our women writers' group is always open to new members. For information check the listing at

2. If you or anyone you know, has diabetes, give them a copy of Rachel's book. Urge them to read it themselves and then give it to their doctors and nurses to read.

It's snowing again tonight. Just enough to make everything look peaceful. May you find your own personal peace tonight.