Monday, March 24, 2014

What Comes After Rule One


In response to a recent email and a couple of phone calls and the conversation at a recent writers group meeting, I am writing about overcoming the fear of writing about painful life events.

After all, pain is pain. Who wants it? The first time was bad enough. Why relive it? But, still, somehow, you feel those painful parts must be included for your memoir or life story to be complete.

Last week, I wrote that Rule One is You Make the Rules.

What comes next?

That's it. That is the end of the rules.

But here is something you can try. Write like a morning glory.

Morning brings a full, vibrant bloom.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

A few hours pass and the flower begins to close.
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
We still love the morning glory, don't we, even though it doesn't bloom all day?

Photo by Carol Newman
One bloom, another, another, and soon they make a beautiful display on a wall or fence.

You can do the same with your stories. Don't think about blooming all day. Don't think about writing the entire terrible event. Write a little today. Write a little tomorrow. It's okay to fade after writing a bit. Tomorrow you can write again.

Recently I suggested you start with just one sentence. Maybe you are still thinking that is too painful or wondering with what sentence to start. Next time I have a suggestion about that.


Meanwhile, See What Others Say about writing about painful events in their lives. Reading is often the best Launching Pad into your own writing. You may find their observations so inspiring you will be eager to start. 

Your comments and questions are welcome. Let us know how the writing goes.

I will see you back here in a few days. 

Chocolate Inkwell

You know my friend, Judy, who supplies many of the wonderful chocolate recipes here? Yes? Well, today's recipe is from Judy -- in an indirect way. And it is a recipe in an indirect way. 

Chocolate for your Brain is a humor column that focuses on parenting, the unique struggles of raising a large family in the modern age and other absurdities of modern life. 

It is written by Judy's college roommate's daughter. (I believe I have that connection correct.) 

We all need a "recipe" for the "absurdities of modern life." And, these recipes are waistline friendly. Enjoy. 

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